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Common Questions

Here are some common questions we receive about employer offered insurance.

What can I do? My health insurance at work isn’t affordable!

California isn’t cheap. It’s one of most expensive states to live in, and money just doesn’t stretch as far. Find out if the employer-sponsored health plan offered to you or through a family member’s job is considered affordable under Obamacare or not. If it isn’t, you may be in luck to qualify for premium assistance through Covered California. If you don’t qualify for a subsidy you can always purchase a private health plan at full price.

If you are enrolling outside of the Covered California open enrollment period, you’ll need a qualifying life event within the last 60 days to enroll. Give us a call at 707-571-7590 and we would be happy to give you a quote and help you start the process.


I can afford to cover myself, but I can’t afford to cover my family on my health benefits at work. What do I do?

You have just described the “family glitch.” Ironically, the Affordable Care Act determines if a work plan is affordable based on the employee-only rate, even for families. It will take time and legislation to see this corrected. In the meantime we suggest you check out the family glitch options if you find yourself in this “hole.”

Are there exceptions to the affordability rules?

Yes! You can take a look at the most common exceptions to see if any of them fit your situation.

I missed my job’s open enrollment period, what do I do?

You can still sign up for a health plan through Covered California, but you will have to pay full price if your employer-sponsored health insurance is not considered affordable under Obamacare.