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Covered California Website Problems

What problems? We don’t see no problems! But denial is the first sign, right?

It’s been in the news. You’ve probably heard that the state exchange websites as well as Healthcare.gov at times have had trouble. Customers have complained about issues:

  • “It doesn’t work.”
  • “The website is down.”
  • “There’s an error on the page.”
  • “The website crashed.”
  • “I’m finding glitches.”
  • “The page is loading slow.”

Website Functionality

We’ll have you know… The Covered California website, though not immune to these complications, has been one of the leaders in online functionality when compared to the other exchange websites. During the first year of Obamacare Open Enrollment, when many marketplace sites were having lots of trouble, the Covered California site functioned comparatively very well.

What if the website is slow?

Then, it’s probably a deadline! Actually, the Covered California website is rarely slow. Recently, site experienced a little lag around the December 15, 2015 deadline. It got hit harder around the January 31, 2016. All the last minute shoppers clogged up the pipers and caused delay on page load times.