Free Health Care Attracts Young Independent California Voters

by John Hansen

Bernie Sanders’ “No Cost Health Care for All” Appeals to Independent and Decline to State Voters

According to political analyst, Gary Dietrich, 20% of Californian’s have chosen a political affiliation as “Independent” or “Decline to State”. Many of these are young people in their 20’s and 30’s. “Instead of choosing a party, the new voters are looking at personalities [and] personal priorities. Party loyalty is going away,” according to Dietrich.

Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All

Bernie Sanders argues for no cost college and free health care for all. That message is attractive to a lot of young people who are scared about acquiring huge education loans and who are struggling of health care that is anything but free.

According to Dietrich, the thinking is no longer the typical “Republican” or “Democrat”, but rather, “Do I like them?” Can I stand dealing with this politician’s personality. Do their values represent my personal priorities?

Why Just Affordable Health Care, Why Not Free?

In the new world of Health Care Reform, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and Obamacare California this rising CA voter block has opinions about the issue. They want no cost health care. They’ve already gotten used to government health insurance and subsidies. The main question in their minds is, “Why not just go all the way? We’ve aimed at affordable and low cost. Why not join with Bernie Sanders and aim for free health care for all?”

Ultimately, the unaffiliated/independent voting block is becoming the most important in politics in the United States. Issues like affordable health care and college tuition are very important to this group, so you will see more and more political leaders speaking to these issues.

In such a political climate, it is no wonder that Bernie Sanders’ cry for free health care has had such an appeal amongst voters, especially young people in California. If Sanders is elected, Medicare for All or Single-Payer Health Care, is expected to be on the top of his agenda.


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