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Carrier Spotlight: Chinese Community Health Plan

by Holly Davies


Chinese Community Health Plan (CCHP) is a distinctive local healthcare provider serving consumers in San Francisco and San Mateo counties with a group of physicians who offer culturally competent and sensitive care at affordable rates.

Over one hundred years ago in San Francisco, Chinese residents of San Francisco had no way to access much needed public health services. They were required to settle together in the area we now call Chinatown. Local leaders, associations and business owners in the Chinese community saw the great need and began a process of establishing a free clinic where they could receive care from western doctors and Chinese herbalists. This was the beginning of what we know as the Chinese Community Health Plan.

The Basics

You do not have to be Chinese to join and you are not restricted to the Chinese Hospital. Membership for CCHP is open to consumers from all walks of life and almost every hospital in the San Francisco is contracted to provide services to plan members. There are nearly 400 various types of physicians you can visit at many neighborhood clinics. Both HMO and PPO plans are offered though CCHP for individuals, business groups and Medi-Care recipients. Plans for individuals and groups may be purchased on or off the California Health Benefits Exchange known as Covered CA. When we enroll you in an individual or small group plan through the exchange you will be able to access any tax credits your may be eligible for.

Member Service

CCHP offers personalized member service by offering a live person to answer your call. Face to face service can access by walking in to many of the locations. A separate member services phone line is dedicated to those in need of language assistance.  Online services are available for you to locate doctors, clinics, hospitals and administrative offices. For individuals who wish to pay the monthly premium online, you can do this by logging into the user friendly the Payment Portal.

Obtaining basic medical care can start with a phone call.  Local advices nurses are available on a 24/7 basis so you can determine quickly if you should be seen by a doctor, or if you need to visit the emergency room.

 medical emergency is an injury or illness that is intense and poses an immediate risk to a person’s life or long term health. In a situation like this, you or your family member might be advised to go to an emergency room. Other times, you may find yourself calling 911. If you are traveling, you will have Worldwide Emergency coverage. You will able to be seen for your emergency and you or a family member will be required to contact CCHP within 48 hours. They will want to help you coordinate your care while away as well as have you see your regular doctor when you return home. Be sure to save any receipts, bills or other paperwork related to your emergency in case CCHP asks for proof.

Once you see your doctor for your first routine appointment or a follow up appointment after an emergency, you will find out if further treatment is needed. Be sure to ask about any needed referrals to specialist doctors and Prior Authorization for certain medical services. If you plan to travel in the future we recommend you call member services in advance to ask if there are any travel immunizations they recommend or any special information you need to know.

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