An Obama Care California Story

True Story

It’s more than a law.  It’s more than the people who are for it, or against it. It’s the people, the individuals whose lives are touched that show what matter.

The Affordable Care Act brought an end to the practice of insurance companies turning away individuals with pre-existing conditions.  Americans are now guaranteed health insurance, no matter what physical condition they are in, or disease they have, or injury they have received. This opens the door to hundreds of people who were previously uninsurable.

Meet Ellen.

Ellen was 41 and eager to apply for health insurance during the very first 2013 Open Enrollment.  It was actually Ellen’s mother, Nancy, who first called to inquire about the health plans offered in California’s State Exchange; Covered California. Nancy said her daughter had been in need of health insurance for over 20 years but was always denied by health insurance companies due to a pre-existing condition.

Pre-Existing Condition

Ellen has brain damage due to an accident. Without health insurance, they were on their own when it came to paying for any medical expenses or navigating the health care system.


Because of Obama Care, Ellen was able to enroll on the Enhanced Silver 94 plan through Covered California for under $50 per month! Nancy was thrilled her daughter could finally obtain the health insurance she needed for so long. Ellen’s situation and Obamacare’s impact is best summed up by Nancy:

“We loved Obamacare; it got my daughter affordable medications and doctor’s visits to say nothing of the sense of relief about accidents or serious illnesses.  Going bare for over 20 years was very costly to me.  It was so frustrating getting a doctor to see us without insurance.  As a nurse I had a few connections and could get some services, otherwise, it was pray nothing happens.”

It is stories like this, which have made Obama Care California shine.


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