“Strong Political Winds” and Change Ahead for the United States

by John Hansen

Political Analyst Gary Dietrich Comments on the Radical Political Shifts of the Next Generation

Gary Dietrich, at the California Association of Health Underwriters (CAHU) Summit on Wednesday, May 18, argued that strong political winds are coming that will have big implications on health insurance in California and in the United States.

He pointed out that the next generation of Americans is much less tied to either the Republican or the Democratic parties. This will have huge ramifications on the next election as well as on health care in California.

Dietrich referenced www.realclearpolitics.com, which takes US poles and aggregates the information. Dietrich commented that some of the statistics are very thought provoking:

  • 76% says we’re on the wrong track
  • Only 48.7% say President Obama’s job performance is good
  • 79% disapprove of congress performance

Health Care is Changing

Through this polling and through our own experience, we see that the world of health care is changing. Dietrich commented, “Things used to be so simple. You had one doctor, one hospital and one insurer for your whole life.”

But now that’s radically changing. Consumers of health insurance products are having to learn the health care industry, get help from insurance agents and know when it’s time to switch medical providers and health insurance carriers.

He said, “People feel that no one is helping them. That’s where you come in. People feel overwhelmed. After getting the 11th packet of forms to fill out, there asking, ‘Where do I go for help?’”

The New Political Reality

We have a new political reality. People are questioning institutions. There’s a shift in loyalties. Dietrich mentioned a sign that read, “Vote none of the above.” Partisan loyalties are waning. People are de-branding.

The fastest voter registration is independent. 20% of California is “independent” or “decline to say.” This voter block has doubled in the last 10-15 years, and is now the designation of choice for Californian’s in their 20’s and 30’s.

Mr. Dietrich predicts, “Eventually we’ll have a speaker of the assembly who is decline to state.” He says that the independent voter is the battle ground, and more and more becoming the voter block that determines the outcome of elections.

Fabian Nunez stated, “Our credibility is on the line. The disconnect between Sacramento and California voters is growing.” President Obama has noticed this divide between leaders and the voters as well. The President argued that “voters are fed up with up and down” and that political leaders have lost track of how people are doing.


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