OneShare Monthly Contribution Amounts

OneShare monthly contributions vary across the programs depending on your medical coverage. The monthly contribution amount for each plan is set for the program year and based on ages 18-64. Many people have a birthday midyear. If you move an age up the pricing chart midyear, the pricing will not change until the automatic annual renewal.

Finding a Pricing Quote

To find a quote for a member, you can look at the pricing chart in the brochure. To get an accurate quote, all you need is the age of the primary member who is also the oldest member of the family. An essential factor that will affect pricing for monthly fees is the size of the family. A family of six or more members will be required to pay an additional $45 for each additional member every month.

State of Residence and Pre-Conditions

Pricing is not affected by state of residence or pre-existing conditions. No matter your state of residence or pre-existing condition, you will be required to pay the OneShare monthly fees for the primary member. This means the monthly contribution amount for a Texas resident is the same amount for a California resident, provided they are enrolled in the same OneShare program.

The Classic and Complete programs have five age ranges, while the Catastrophic program has four. Typically, the age ranges are 18-29 and 30-39 for the Classic and Complete programs, and the age bracket is 18-39 on the Catastrophic program.

Modes of Payment Accepted

OneShare accepts many payment methods for their programs. These include credit card, debit card and ACH bank draft. Cash and check payments are not allowed.

OneShare monthly contributions vary from one program to another. Members can pay monthly fees as low as $140 for individuals, $225 for individuals plus one and $350 for families. These monthly contributions are the power behind OneShare’s medical sharing programs. By making monthly contributions, members help others get access to medical providers, hospitals and other healthcare services they need.

Information for Smokers

Tobacco users can join OneShare programs, but they must state that they are smokers in the application form. Smokers should understand that any health problem diagnosed by a doctor as a result of tobacco use will not be eligible for sharing. However, tobacco users should not be skeptical about joining OneShare programs. They can still benefit from the other sharing services available through OneShare.

Join OneShare Today!

If you’re searching for a healthcare cost-sharing program that has budget-friendly monthly contributions, enroll in OneShare Health today by calling Health for California at 1-707-571-7590 (Live Support) or 1-877-752-4737 (Toll-Free). OneShare offers affordable monthly contributions for both individuals and families. OneShare Health programs provide better value for all members’ healthcare costs.