OneShare Maternity and Newborn Coverage

With OneShare, maternity is only available on the Classic Crown and Complete programs. For the two plans, the Individual Sharing Amount (ISA) must be met in order to get up to:

  • $5,000 for natural births
  • $8,000 for C-Section
  • $50,000 for complications

Is Maternity Eligible for Sharing?

Once the baby is born, the primary member has 31 days to add the baby to the program. This means that the baby can be added on the 30th day.

If there are any medical bills during that time, OneShare allows the coverage to retroactively cover the birth and make all the bills incurred by the baby eligible for sharing. If the baby is not added within the first 31 days, the family will have to pay for the medical bills out-of-pocket.

OneShare maternity coverage covers the mother’s prenatal needs, delivery expenses and the mother’s hospital-related expenses. OneShare newborn coverage, on the other hand, covers all the baby’s medical expenses. This includes medical bills that may result from the baby being admitted to ICU after birth.

After the baby has been born, they become their own dependent and must meet the Individual Sharing Amount just like any other member. They will have a maximum limit per incident and a lifetime sharing maximum as well.

Is There a Waiting Period for Maternity?

OneShare maternity and newborn coverage for members in Classic Crown has a nine-month waiting period from the effective date. Therefore, it may not be the best program for a member who is currently pregnant. Even so, it is an excellent program for members who are planning to have a baby within the next year or so. For the Classic Crown plan, the Individual Sharing Amount must be met for maternity to be eligible for sharing.

The Complete program is the perfect plan for maternity. The maternity coverage has no waiting period. However, for those who enroll while pregnant, the pregnancy will be termed a pre-existing condition. This means the $5,000 payout for a natural birth, $8,000 for C-Section and $50,000 for complications will not apply. The member will be required to double their ISA and be eligible for sharing of up to $10,000 for the Enhanced plan and a sharing of up to $20,000 for the Crown program.

Enroll in OneShare Today for Maternity and Newborn Coverage

Are you pregnant and looking for an affordable maternity coverage solution? If so, you’re in the right place. OneShare Health has the right maternity and newborn coverage for pregnant women and couples who are planning to grow their family.

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