Who Should Enroll in OneShare?

There are two main categories for those who should enroll in OneShare programs: individuals and list bill.

OneShare Enrollment for Individuals

Individuals who would benefit from OneShare include:

  • Unemployed individuals: OneShare is an alternative, affordable solution for people who cannot afford to pay for traditional insurance due to a lack of employment.
  • Self-employed individuals: These individuals could include chiropractors, hairdressers, personal trainers, massage therapists, daycare owners and more.
  • Part-time employees: OneShare is an affordable option for part-time workers who cannot afford traditional healthcare.
  • Spanish-speaking individuals: OneShare is a membership. You do not have to be a U.S. citizen to join. OneShare is not limited to U.S. citizens, and a social security number is not required when making an application. OneShare offers Spanish materials and Spanish-speaking members to support these individuals.
  • Spouses not eligible for Medicare: If one spouse ages off at 65 and the other still has two years to go, that spouse can be a perfect candidate for OneShare enrollment.
  • Individuals who are not eligible for healthcare subsidies: Anyone can enroll in OneShare programs and get access to its benefits.
  • Dependents who are eligible for their own membership: This includes individuals ages 20-27 and dependents who are aging off their parents’ program at age 27.
  • Independent contractors who are in and out of work: OneShare can be a good option for contractors and freelance workers.

OneShare Enrollment for List Bill

Unlike traditional insurance, OneShare does not have group benefits. However, they do offer list bill available on a case-by-case basis. This is a voluntary post-tax benefit. Therefore, employers get to choose whether to make contributions for their employees or not.

OneShare has two options available for list bills:

  • Small businesses and churches: The number of employees should not be less than three and no more than 49. The monthly contribution comes our automatically from the employees’ paychecks. OneShare is a health-sharing ministry. Because most churches cannot afford to buy traditional insurance for their employees, OneShare plans provide a better alternative for churches to have their employees covered.
  • Associations and affinity groups: OneShare accepts unlimited member enrollment for these large groups, if they have a common set of bylaws. Some of the associations and affinity groups that OneShare accepts include Rotary Clubs and Lions Clubs. There is a different application criterion for these groups. OneShare sends the application form separately to any association or affinity group interested in a OneShare plan.

Enroll in OneShare Today

OneShare accepts members any time of the year. If you’re an individual, small business, church or an association or affinity group with members sharing a standard set of bylaws, OneShare Health is the right healthshare program for you and your employees. Enroll today by calling Health for California at 1-707-571-7590 (Live Support) or 1-877-752-4737 (Toll-Free) and select a program that best suits your needs.