The Classic Program

Here is a breakdown of the Classic program (Basic, Enhanced and Crown plans) and why you should enroll.

Basic, Enhanced & Crown Plans

In all three plans, members are allowed unlimited visits to specialists. This is the only service where the visit fee goes to the ISA. If the ISA has been met, members pay $0 throughout the program year. Specialist visits are not eligible under the Basic and Enhanced tiers, so members who are currently seeing a specialist should consider a Crown Plan.


OneShare uses Dial Care for telemedicine — the most convenient and affordable way to see a doctor. This service is available for free 24/7, 365 days a year. Members can use the Dial Care app to text, call or video call a doctor.

Envision Rx

Envision Rx is designed to help members save money. It offers deals both for brand name and generic drugs. OneShare members are not required to use Envision Rx, since it is separate from OneShare’s discount programs. If you find a cheaper vendor for your prescription, you can use that instead.

Emergency Room

If you go to the emergency room and return home on the same day, you will only be charged $300 if you’re on the Crown plan or $500 if you’re on the Basic or Enhanced plan.


The Classic program only offers maternity coverage to members who are on the Crown plan. For the Basic and Enhanced plans, maternity is not eligible for sharing. The Crown plan is a good option for members who are not currently pregnant, because it has a nine-month waiting period. If you’re pregnant, the best option to consider is the Complete plan.


The ISA must be met first for inpatient/outpatient surgery or hospitalization to be eligible for sharing. Once it has been met, it becomes 100% eligible for sharing for up to a maximum member limit per incident of $150,000 for the Basic plan, $250,000 for the Enhanced Plan and $500,000 for the Crown plan. There’s also a lifetime maximum of $1 million per member.

For a life-threatening or life-altering surgery, there is no waiting period. Non-life threatening surgery, on the other hand, has a waiting period of six months for the Basic and Enhanced programs and two months for the Crown program.


A colonoscopy is not considered preventive on the Classic program. Only the stool test is classified as preventative. This means that if a doctor determines from the stool test that you need a colonoscopy, and it’s considered diagnostic, then it will fall under diagnostic, X-ray and labs. If a doctor considers a colonoscopy as preventive, it will not be eligible for sharing.

End of Life Sharing Gift

OneShare’s end of life sharing gift is not life insurance. Our program is referred to as a financial gift, because the member who receives it is not taxed on that amount and it is given at no extra cost. The oldest primary member gets a $6,000 gift, the spouse receives $4,000 and dependents get $2,000.

There are two requirements for a person to receive this gift. First, it has a 12-month waiting period. Second, a death certificate is required within six months of the member’s death.

When applying for membership, a member is required to select a primary recipient and a secondary recipient. The primary and secondary recipients do not have to be OneShare members.

Why Choose the Classic Program?

In the Classic and Catastrophic Programs, the ISA is equal to the out-of-pocket maximum (OOP Max). This means that once you’ve reached the ISA, you have also reached the OOP Max.

If you’re looking for basic medical essentials, then the Classic program is the right plan for you. Enroll today by calling Health for California at 1-707-571-7590 (Live Support) or 1-877-752-4737 (Toll-Free) and get the medical services you need.