OneShare – The Paying Out of Claims

There is no guarantee that medical expenses will be paid. Every OneShare member has the sole responsibility of paying their medical bills. However, members can receive medical funds, which are voluntary contributions made by other OneShare members. These expenses are always paid based on membership guidelines.

Members are the sharing power behind OneShare programs. Member contributions ensure everyone has access to the doctors and healthcare facilities they need. When members contribute, the funds go through a third-party administrator who determines eligibility. After confirming that the medical needs are eligible based on the membership guidelines, the funds are sent directly to the provider or reimbursed to the member.

Benefits of OneShare Claims Payout

Most members of healthshare programs are concerned about delayed claims payouts. Some wonder whether their bills will eventually be paid. With OneShare, you do not have to wait long to have your medical expenses paid.

All you must do is send eligible medical records, and the payment will be processed. Your medical provider will be required to share all eligible medical records as soon as possible. After that, sharing eligibility will be determined and an Explanation of Sharing Services will be sent to you.

There should never be any delays in the payment of medical bills from OneShare. OneShare always requires providers to communicate the bills as early as possible. Providers typically have 14 days to send medical records to OneShare.

Quick Turnaround Time to Pay Out Claims

After confirming eligibility and sending the EOS, OneShare processes the claims payout. Currently, OneShare has a 20 business day turnaround time for paying out claims to members. For approved bills, OneShare allows members the option to pay their medical bills upfront and then get reimbursed. OneShare claims are not limited by the network or program where one is enrolled.

While most preventative services are fully covered, OneShare members must understand that some medical conditions are ineligible for sharing. As a result, they may not lay claims on such conditions. For other conditions, you must wait for a given period to be covered. For instance, pre-existing conditions will have to wait 24 months from the effective date to be eligible for sharing.

Medical needs that are related to diagnosis or treatment of a condition that is not eligible for sharing are considered ineligible. Some ineligible medical needs include abortion, birth control, substance abuse, genetic testing, dental services (except for emergency services due to injury), routine hearing exams, hearing aids and more.

At the root of OneShare, you will find biblical principles of healthy living and avoiding behaviors that can harm the body. For this reason, members are required to engage in a healthy lifestyle.

Enroll in the OneShare Program Today

OneShare is always working hard to process payout claims on time to ensure program members get the medical services they need. If you’re looking for a healthshare program that pays out claims on time, become a OneShare member by calling Health for California at 1-707-571-7590 (Live Support) or 1-877-752-4737 (Toll-Free) today.