OneShare Alternative Health Care

More and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the current health care situation. Either their place of employment supplies health insurance or they have to turn to the Healthcare Marketplace. But if they don’t qualify for a subsidized plan, that means a lot of out-of-pocket expenses. For that reason, individuals are turning to alternative health care plans. Not only are they more affordable and open to those who need to enroll, but they also meet the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements. This means those who sign up for an alternative health care plan avoid the ACA penalty.

OneShare Healthcare is one of these alternatives to traditional health insurance. OneShare is not a traditional health insurance company, but we are able to provide comparable benefits to many of the top providers at much lower rates.

How OneShare Is Different From Traditional Health Insurance Plans

OneShare Healthcare’s alternative to traditional health care is a system called Healthcare Cost Sharing. In conjunction with Unity Health Share, OneShare provides an ACA-compliant option that doesn’t rely on costly insurance markets. Unity Health Share is a Health Care Share Ministry (HCSM). They operate by sharing the costs of health insurance throughout the group. Most HCSMs are formed around a common belief system or religion, but OneShare is open those who believe in God and are committed to healthy living.

Instead of paying premiums as you would with traditional health insurance, members of OneShare’s HCSM pay monthly contributions which are deposited into their “sharebox.” When a member has a medical bill that needs to be paid, it’s processed by OneShare and then funds are used from other members’ shareboxes to pay the bill.

Similar to a deductible, members do need to reach their shared responsibility amount before the share ministry totally funds a bill. However, because monthly rates are so low, members can save money to reach this amount more easily.

Benefits of Alternative Health Care Plans

The price of healthcare is on the rise, making affordable health care harder and harder to come by. And the coverage offered by traditional plans is decreasing, leaving many with crushing medical bills. Alternative health care plans provide an escape from this. Plans like OneShare’s Unity Health Share offer exciting benefits for those who are willing to sign the group’s statement of beliefs, stating that you share their core tenets. Some of the advantages of joining alternative health care plans like OneShare include:

  • Individuals can take control of their healthcare
  • Encourages and rewards healthy lifestyle choices
  • Premiums, or monthly contributions, are far lower than traditional health insurance
  • Members have access to doctors by phone or via telemedicine 24/7 without a co-pay
  • You can enroll to become a member at any time
  • They offer great coverage

How Are Alternative Health Care Plans ACA-Exempt?

Being a member of an alternative health care plan like OneShare allows you to be exempt from the Affordable Care Act’s requirements. That’s because they’re legally termed as a faith-based Health Care Share Ministry, making them exempt from the provisions of Obamacare.