Health Care Share Sharing Terminology – Same Benefits, Different Labels

HCSM’s use different terminology to describe the same benefits you know from the health insurance world.

If you’re familiar with traditional health insurance, then you are aware of terms like doctor visits, deductibles, and coinsurance. Health Share Plans, also known as Health Care Share Ministries (HCSM’s), offer these same benefits; however, they are legally required to use different terminology.

Instead of using the term “deductible”, Health Share Plans like Aliera Health Care use the terms MRA, MSRA or AHP. This refers to the amount that members pay before the HCSM kicks in and starts paying for eligible health care needs.

  • MRA (Member Responsible Amount) = means the same thing as deductible or copay
  • MSRA (Member Share Responsibility Amount) = means the same thing as deductible or copay
  • AHP (Annual Household Portion) = means the same thing as deductible
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At first, the new terminology can be a little disconcerting, but once you get it down, you’ll realize that we’re talking about the same type of benefits that you find on a traditional health insurance plan. It’s the same coverages just with new labels.

Terminology: Health Insurance vs. Health Care Sharing (HCSM) Plans

Health Insurance

Health Share Plans (HCSM’s)




amount the member pays before the HCSM pays for eligible needs

Doctor Visit Copay

Consult Fee or Provider Fee

the amount member pays to see a physician

Enroll in an Insurance Plan

Acquire Membership

the process of gaining membership and health care benefits



the percentage that the member is required to pay



the health care professionals and/or facilities where care is received

Primary Applicant


the person who pays the bill each month

Monthly Premiums

Voluntary Monthly Contributions

the price you pay each month*

* The “Voluntary Monthly Contributions” are monetary contributions, excluding membe

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Catastrophic Plans


Full Coverage



Catastrophic Plans


Full Coverage