Non-Religious Health Care Sharing Program

We have good news for you. There is a health care sharing organization that is non religious. There’s only one. It is Aliera Healthcare.

A Flexible Statement of Beliefs

Aliera has a statement of beliefs like all Health Sharing companies, but it is very flexible and pretty much anyone can agree to it.

You don’t have to be Christian or some other specific religion. You simply have to agree to taking care of your health and state a belief in some sort of God (whatever that means to you).


The Requirements of the Other Health Sharing Programs

Other than Aliera Healthcare, all the other health sharing organizations are very religious. You have to be Christian. And, many of them if not all of them have strict requirements for Christian observance.

With other health sharing programs, Like MediShare and Samaritan Ministries, you have to commit to certain limits on alcohol consumption, sex only within a monogamous heterosexual marriage, and regular church attendance. In some of these, you also have to have a pastor sign off that you are following these guidelines.

Why We Recommend Aliera Healthcare

Aliera Healthcare is non-religious or interfaith and open to people of various lifestyles, religions and sexual orientations.

Also, Aliera is just a great company. They offer a very affordable plan, great benefits and a nation-wide PPO provider through the MultiPlan PHCS Network. They have the most robust online member portal and they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Also, Aliera Healthcare is the only health sharing company that operates like health insurance where the organization pays directly to the provider so you don’t have to pay up front and fill out a bunch of unnecessary paperwork to get reimbursed.



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Catastrophic Plans


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