Health Insurance Alternatives

Find Alternatives to Obamacare and Traditional Medical Insurance

Health insurance has just gotten so expensive! We’ve been seeing double digit increases in premiums almost every year since Obamacare and many are looking for an affordable alternative.

There are three basic alternatives to traditional health insurance:

What if I just don’t get health insurance?

With high rising costs of medical insurance, many have chosen to just go without coverage and pay the penalty.

  • Advantage: You save money by not having to pay monthly premiums.
  • Disadvantages: You have to pay the penalty, and you have no coverage should you really need it.

As long as something really terrible doesn’t happen, you may do fine. Plus, you can always change your mind and get coverage during Open Enrollment that will begin on January 1st.

The big trouble comes if you get in some sort of accident, need hospitalization or surgery, etc. while you are uninsured. You could end up with a medical bill to the tune of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Maybe it’s not super likely, but it’s a possibility.

Short Term Health Insurance

This coverage can be good to fill a short gap when you’re between plans. Maybe you’re between jobs and you want some cheap just-in-case health insurance to get you by for a month or a few months.

  • Advantages: Affordable option. Easy application.
  • Disadvantages: Minimal coverage. You could get denied. No coverage for pre-existing conditions. And, you can get better benefits at around the same price with a Health Sharing Plan from Aliera Healthcare.

Health Sharing Plans from Aliera Healthcare

Many are starting to see the advantages of Health Sharing Plans, especially the ones from Aliera Healthcare. The prices are low, the benefits are comparable to traditional health insurance, and you can enroll any time.

  • Advantages: Comparable benefits at low prices. National PPO Provider Network (PHCS). You can get extremely cheap major medical plans, or very affordable full coverage plans. Aliera is a reliable company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Disadvantages: 2 year waiting period for pre-existing conditions. One million dollar lifetime limit. Not licensed with the Department of Insurance.

If you don’t qualify for a subsidy through Covered California and you don’t have any pre-existing conditions, Aliera Health Care might be a great alternative for you.