An Excellent Alternative to Obamacare and Marketplace Health Insurance

Lower Rates – Enroll Any Time – No Penalty – Less Government Hassle

This is the next wave of health care! People are switching from traditional health insurance to enroll in Health Share Plans, otherwise known as Health Care Share Ministries (HCSM’s).

In the past, these plans were only available to strict Christians, but due to more liberal enrollment policies by HCSM’s like Aliera Health Care, now most people can get in.

Aliera HealthCare

Affordable Healthcare

Great coverage at a great price!

What kind of people benefit from Health Care Sharing coverage?

Non-subsidy Eligible: If you don’t qualify for a government subsidy, then HCSM’s offer the most affordable health care for you. However, if your income and household size qualifies you for a substantial subsidy through Covered California, then you may get your best rates by applying through the exchange.

Healthy Individuals: If you’re healthy and you’re tired of paying high monthly premiums to subsidize other people’s poor lifestyle choices and chronic conditions, then HCSM’s are great for you.

People who wish to avoid government interaction: Maybe you don’t want to enroll in Health Care through the exchange or you don’t want to be dependent on a government handout for your healthcare.

Self-employed persons or people who have a hard time proving income: For the self-employed, often it’s very difficult to predict what your net income is going to be at the end of the year. Or, you may have similar issues because you will be changing employment mid-year. If you guess wrong on your income, the marketplace may penalize you by forcing you to pay back your subsidy. You can avoid that nightmare by signing up for a Health Share Plan.

People who do not have access to a nationwide PPO: It’s getting harder and harder to get a good PPO in California. Anthem dropped their PPO coverage and switched to EPO. In many cases, Health Net has done the same. Blue

Shield still offers the PPO, but they have severely decreased the out-of-network benefits. And, even if you get one of these PPO’s, you can only use it in California. With the HCSM’s, you get quality PPO coverage that crosses state lines, meaning that you can use your benefits outside of your state of residence.

People who have been fined for being uninsured: Since when did America penalize people for not buying a certain product? Since Obamacare! That’s when. If you don’t qualify for a subsidy, HCSM’s offer the most affordable alternative health care that allows you to avoid having to pay the ACA health insurance penalty.

People who need to enroll in coverage outside of the Open Enrollment Period: You missed Open Enrollment? No problem. You can get coverage through a Health Care Sharing Plan any time during the year.

Clients with large families: For many large families, HCSM’s are the only thing that makes any sense. You pay the same family price no matter how many kids you have.

People who do not want to re-enroll every year: Some health insurance plans make you re-enroll every year. Not so with the Health Care Share Ministry Plans.

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Catastrophic Plans


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