Obamacare Exemption & Great Healthcare at ½ Price

Health Share plans are not compliant, but they are exempt so you won’t have to pay the ACA penalty

Health Share Plans are exempt from the tax penalties outlined in the Affordable Care Act. If you are enrolled in one of these plans, you won’t have to pay the Obamacare health insurance penalty. Also, you can get quality PPO health care at around half the price.

List of Top 6 Health Sharing Organizations

Better Business Bureau Rating

Aliera Healthcare A+ Rating
Altrua HealthShare B- Rating
Christian Healthcare Ministries Meets Standard
Liberty HealthShare Not Rated
MediShare A Rating
Samaritan Ministries Meets Standard
Aliera HealthCare

Affordable Healthcare

Great coverage at a great price!

Health Share Plans Are Recognized by the Affordable Care Act

There are six Health Share (HCSM’s) that are recognized by the ACA. These six meet all the criteria above and offer penalty exemptions for their enrolled members.

Exempt vs. Compliant

These plans are exempt, meaning that they do not have to meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. And, those enrolled on these plans do not have to pay the penalty.

However, these plans are not compliant. Compliant plans must be traditional health insurance plans and must meet all the benefit requirements of Obamacare. Compliant plans must include free preventive care and all the minimum essential benefits as outlined in the ACA.

Requirements to Be Exempt

Health Care Sharing Plans must meet all the following criteria in order to be exempt:

  • Must be a a 501 (c)(3) organization
  • Members must share common ethical or religious beliefs*
  • Members cannot lose membership due to the development of a medical condition
  • Must have existed and been in practice continually since December 31, 1999 (grandfather clause)
  • Must be subject to an annual audit by an independent CPA

*Note: Aliera Health Care offers coverage for individuals of all different faiths.

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