Medical Cost Sharing Plans

Affordable health insurance is a worry that many families share, no matter their social or economic backgrounds. Unfortunately, the Healthcare Marketplace can’t subsidize many middle-class Americans sufficiently, leaving them with crippling medical bills. That’s where alternative health care options come into play. Medical cost-sharing plans, also known as a Health Care Share Ministry, are affordable and offer a wide range of coverage for those in need. Although they’re not health insurance in the traditional sense, they do meet the Affordable Care Ac’s requirements for coverage.

One of the most popular and recognized Health Care Share Ministry (HCSM) is Medi-Share, operated by Christian Care Ministry. Although it offers a lot of advantages to its members, to enroll you must share the organization’s core and strict Christian beliefs.

Aliera Healthcare offers a similar medical cost-sharing program called Unity Health Share. Although it’s also an HCSM and is run as a faith-based organization, they are more inclusive on who can join. This gives more individuals the opportunity to share in this exciting medical cost-sharing plan.

Advantages of Medical Cost-Sharing Plans

Medical cost-sharing plans work similarly to health insurance. However, instead of paying a monthly premium, you contribute to a shareable account. When a member is in need of funds for health care, money is shared by other members to help cover the costs. Instead of paying deductibles, you’re given a shared responsibility amount which may vary according to the number of people in your family and their ages. However, because the monthly cost for these plans is so much lower than insurance premiums, it’s easier for families to save to pay off these shared responsibility amounts.

With the cost of health insurance growing ever higher, there are many advantages to those who wish to join a medical cost-sharing plan like Aliera:

  • They allow individuals to control their healthcare
  • Lower monthly rates
  • Individuals can enroll any time they need coverage
  • They give a variety of options for health care providers included in their networks

Choosing Aliera as Your Medical Cost Sharing Plan

Other cost-sharing plans and Aliera’s Unity Health Share can offer their members ACA exemption because they are faith-based organizations. This encourages members of both these groups to practice healthy living because of their shared values. However, whereas Medi-Share has staunch Christian beliefs which members must abide by in order to enroll, Aliera is more open to those of other faiths in God.

We’re sure that you have many questions about how a medical cost-sharing plan like Aliera could save your family lots of money each month. To find out more about Aliera and to receive a quote, simply contact us. Our team is waiting to hear from you.

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