Why Choose Christian Health Insurance?

There are many names for it — healthcare sharing plans, medical cost sharing, Christian healthcare ministry and more. But when you choose Aliera Healthcare, you’re saying goodbye to the high costs of traditional health insurance and selecting a new kind of coverage. Aliera is giving individuals and their families an escape from today’s insurance marketplace.

Healthcare sharing plans work on the principle of sharing in the needs of others. Instead of paying monthly premiums, members of Aliera pay into a “sharebox.” These funds are used whenever a member has a medical need. All of the medical bills from members are processed by Aliera to ensure they’re reasonable. Then money is transferred from the sharebox to cover that expense.

Similar to deductibles, members have a shared responsibility amount (MSRA). But because members save so much money on their monthly rates, they have the funds to more easily pay these MSRAs when needed.

Basically, Aliera gives individuals a chance to get full medical coverage that’s compliant with all Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations, while at the same time remaining affordable.

Aliera HealthCare

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How Does Aliera Accomplish This?

As a healthcare share ministry, Aliera Healthcare is exempt from the requirements of Obamacare and all the red tape associated with the ACA. This means we can offer savings that many traditional health insurances cannot. And when you choose Aliera, you’ll be exempt and free from all penalties. But how does this work in practice?

Healthcare sharing plans are faith-based ministries, which is what allows our members to remain exempt. Many similar organizations are open only to Christians. However, Aliera allows many different faiths the advantages we have to offer. To join, you must sign a statement that says you agree with our core tenets. These are centered around a belief in God, a desire to care for individual health as well as helping others in need.

Similar but Not Exactly Like Health Insurance

Other healthcare sharing plans make the process of sharing medical expenses complicated for their members. Some require individuals to pay the full amount of their bills out-of-pocket, either until their MSRA is met or until it’s determined that their medical expense qualifies for coverage.

But Aliera Healthcare, although it’s not traditional health insurance, operates similarly. Members who have had health insurance will understand how Aliera operates. Members’ shareboxes are pooled to pay the healthcare providers directly, just like regular health insurance.

Why Apply for Aliera Healthcare?

If you’re sick of paying astronomical premiums, it’s time to break free. Aliera offers members a chance to take control of their healthcare and make decisions based on their individual needs and those of their family. Switching is just common sense. After all, it’s cheaper while at the same time offering great coverage. Plus, you can enroll at any time.

Ready to make the switch to a healthcare sharing plan? You’re not alone. Contact our team to find out more. We will answer your questions and help you learn why Aliera may be the best way for you and your family to save.

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