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Reach a Live WHA Healthcare Professional 24/7

Live 24 Hour Support from Doctors and Nurses for Western Health Advantage Members

Call Your Doctor

With Western Health Advantage, you can call to speak with a doctor 24/7. If your Primary Care Physician is not available at that time, you will be directed to the doctor who is on call.

Or…Speak with a Registered Nurse

WHA found that members were not using the “Call Your Doctor” service as much as they anticipated because many members didn’t want to bother their doctor. So WHA created a Nurse Hotline so members could reach a registered nurse by phone at any time of the day, seven days a week. When members access this hotline, the nurse who speaks with them may:


  • Direct the member to go to the Emergency Room
  • Encourage the member to go to Urgent Care
  • Suggest setting up an appointment with a Primary Care Physician
  • Suggest over the counter medicine or other health remedies
  • Direct the phone call to a registered nurse who specialises in disease management