Covered California Insurance Options

Obamacare plans in California are offered through Covered California. Get insurance benefits through the California Health Exchange in order to qualify for government assistance. Health Care Reform Plans are offered through most of the major carriers including Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, Health Net and Molina.

Quote Calculator: View Costs and Find Rates with Government Assistance

Click California Health Insurance Quotes to view rates and benefits online. Choose the plan that fits you and your family based on cost and benefits, and then apply online. Enrollment is fairly easy and usually takes people around 30-60 minutes.

Live Support Options

You can get live assistance from Covered California Insurance Representatives, directly from health care carriers, or from agents, brokers, assisters and certified enrollment counselors (CEC). For assistance, choose from the following options:

Or, lookup the license of a particular Covered California insurance agent.


California consumers often ask, “What doctors are available in my provider network?” Provider networks vary by carrier and by plan. The provider network may differ based on the following:

  • Whether your plan is on/off exchange
  • Whether your plan is an individual/group plan
  • Which carrier you enrolled with

In order to get specific provider network information related to your Covered California insurance coverage, you will need to contact your carrier by phone or visit their website to search their network of hospitals and doctors.

The Covered California Insurance Card

When you enroll with Covered California, you will receive an insurance card from the carrier that you enrolled with. Often, this card will note that you enrolled “on exchange” or that you enrolled “with Covered California”. However, this card is not truly a Covered California insurance card, but rather a card that is produced and recognized by your medical insurance company.

2017 Renewals

Covered California insurance plan renewals for 2017 will likely be from October 1 to December 15, 2016. During that time you can make changes to your health care plan. Or, you can let it auto-renew.

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