Blue Shield of California: Dental Products

by John Hansen

Blue Shield, in their health insurance for California product lines, offers a variety of quality dental plans. They have large networks, and they are fairly affordable. Blue Shield offers a PPO Plan for $37 per month.

Some drawbacks include:

  • HMO Plans don’t cover implants: If you want dental insurance coverage for implants, you’ll have to look elsewhere than Blue Shield.
  • Waiting period: There is a waiting period, so for more expensive procedures, you can’t just sign up and put your dental coverage to use. Usually, dental cleaning, X-rays and more typical maintenance procedures are included right away with a copay or coinsurance.

Waiting periods are common for dental plans. The carriers don’t want you to sign up just to use the plan for high cost dental work and then cancel the plan. They want you to commit to being a long term member.

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