Major Change to Blue Shield Bronze 60 HSA for 2016

by Stephen Saucier

Embedded vs. Aggregate

In the past, Bronze 60 HSA plans through Blue Shield provided an aggregate deductible on family plans. What that means is that before benefit coverage could kick in for anyone, the whole family would have to pay 100% of the plan deductible. That is, a family would have to cover a total of $9,000 in costs before they would receive benefits. This will not be the case moving forward.

As of January 1st, 2016, Blue Shield is shifting its HSA deductible from aggregate to embedded. That means that if one person in the family meets the plans individual deductible ($4,500), then plan benefits kick in for that person! So if one of your family members gets sick or injured, requiring expensive medical assistance, plan benefits will kick in twice as soon with the new embedded deductible than they would have with the aggregate deductible.

This is great news for any family that is interested in purchasing a Blue Shield Bronze 60 HSA plan for the upcoming coverage year.

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